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What it means to be an AG Endorsed School

Choosing the right college for you is a big decision. Finding a school that will allow you to study in your field of interest is important, but there are other important factors as well. What kind of learning environment will the school provide? Will the professors and administrators encourage you in your faith? Will fellow students sharpen you mentally and spiritually? Will there be opportunities for you to pursue your God-given calling, engage in ministry, and be prepared for a life of service to God in the marketplace and in the church?

Choosing to attend an endorsed Assemblies of God college or university gives you the confidence of knowing your college experience will be marked by both a quality education and a vibrant spiritual environment. All AG endorsed schools meet the following criteria:

  • Committed to the integration of faith and learning in its curriculum
  • Faculty and administrators who are committed Christians
  • A commitment to providing students opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship

How to Engage Nones

Three practices for evangelizing religiously unaffiliated Americans

Many will label the rise of the unchurched as a crisis of faith. But it’s an opportunity for us to share the gospel with more boldness and creativity.

Keep Christianity Weird!

A conversation with Nijay Gupta, Ph.D.

In Episode 344, Nijay Gupta, Ph.D., talks with George P. Wood about his new book, "Strange Religion: How the First Christians Were Weird, Dangerous, and Compelling."

When Christianity Was Weird

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