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Central Bible College Invites DAVE, DUANE & NEIL: “The Original Couriers”

“The Original Couriers”, Dave, Duane & Neil, will appear at Central Bible College, 3000 N. Grant Ave., Springfield, MO, on March 18, 2013, in the E.S. Williams Chapel at 10:15 AM. The event is open to the public. For more information call the CBC Alumni Office 417-833-2551 Ext. 1207.


Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson and Neil Enloe have again given musical wings to their message of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  After having begun in 1955 and continuing until 2000 as The Couriers, they have reorganized as “Dave, Duane & Neil to re-establish the familiar sound that has been uniquely theirs over the years.  Their personal appearances in churches, concert halls, mission fields and countless other venues have totaled over 10,000.  They have recorded over 500 songs on more than 50 albums and have personally delivered their messages in song to 80 nations of the world, as well as all fifty United States and every Canadian province.


Dave, Duane & Neil have been honored with three prestigious Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association.  Two of the awards, “Song of the Year” and “Associate Member Award”, were bestowed upon Neil for his original music composition, “(The Cross is my) Statue of Liberty”.  The other award was given in recognition of their live concert recording, “Ovation”, for being voted by their peers as the Gospel Music “Inspirational Album of the Year”.  In 2009 Neil was inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame.


Amazingly, the old magic and the old sound never really left.  An evening with Dave, Duane & Neil is an experience of joy and delight with a blend of the old and new songs.  The pen of Neil Enloe has not been dulled by the years.  Solid messages of the Gospel are still flowing from his talented mind and heart. The rich, brilliant tenor voice of Duane Nicholson still clearly brings identity to their sound.  Dave Kyllonen still sings those deep notes with command and preaches his heart out with excitement.


Dave, Duane & Neil are both a living history and a vibrant present.  The message is truly timeless and it appears that the singers are too; now in their 56th year of existence as a Christian music group with all three of them being original members.


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