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Russian adoption ban blocks SAGU alumnus's dream

Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) alumnus Ryan Froman and his wife Teri adopted a child from Russia in 2011. The Russian ban on U.S. adoptions has halted their adoption process of another Russian child.


The Fromans were halfway through the adoption process when the adoption agency informed them of the ban. Ryan shares, “I can’t even begin to express my emotions. There are thousands of orphans in Moscow alone, and the ban prevents American families from providing these children.”


The Fromans wanted their 2-year-old son Maxim to have a Russian sibling. Ryan says, “Heritage is important. We want our children to share that special bond. We still hopeful to complete the second adoption.”


Ryan will lead a ten-day mission trip to Russia in April 2013. The team will visit orphanages, work with street children, and hold services. Ryan says, “I am anxious to speak with the Russian people and find out their perspective on the ban.”


The Fromans began the nine-month process of adopting Maxim in Jan. 2011. Bethany Christian Services matched them with a baby boy from Moscow. The couple traveled to Moscow to meet 9-month-old in September. Froman recalls, “As soon as he was in our arms, he was our son. The toughest part of the process was leaving him on that first trip.”


The Fromans brought Maxim home on Christmas Eve 2011. Ryan explains, “We had to remind ourselves that Maxim was suddenly in a world of new sights, smells, and people speaking a new language. We had to go through an attachment period. For six months we nurtured him like an infant and catered to his needs so he would understand we were his parents.”


He continues, “Maxim has adjusted well. He is a happy, fun-loving, little boy. He loves blowing kisses, giving hugs, and especially loves saying grace before dinner.”


Ryan enrolled at SAGU in Fall 2001. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in psychology in May 2003.


Ryan and Terri were married Dec. 2007. They reside in Franklin, Tenn., and attend Thompson Station. Ryan says, “Our church has a lot of adoptive families.” Teri is co-founder of Hope 117, a new ministry that connects with and provides resources for those desiring to be a part of adoption, foster, or orphan care. Terri is also Deputy Director of Training and Development for the Orphan Sunday, an annual event dedicated to orphan awareness.


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