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"Heritage" offers timely history of AG higher education

The 2011 edition of Assemblies of God Heritage magazine, produced by the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, includes a historical overview of higher education in the Assemblies of God by P. Douglas Chapman.


Darrin Rodgers

"The article offers insight into the creation, struggles and growth of higher education in the Assemblies of God," states Darrin Rodgers, director of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center. "Also, in light of the proposed consolidation of the three resident AG schools in Springfield, this article proves to be remarkably timely."


Chapman, the spiritual formation pastor at Manassas AG (Bristow, Virginia), is also an adjunct faculty member at Valley Forge Christian College. The article is adapted from his Ph.D. dissertation, which traced the history of the Bible school movement in early Pentecostalism. In the article, which includes numerous historical photos, Chapman takes readers from the short-term schools of the early 1900s to the development of liberal arts education in the mid-1900s all the way through Master's Commission, District Schools of Ministry, and today's advances in online education. Chapman shows how the Assemblies of God has adapted its educational strategy over the years to meet the shifting needs of its ministers and members.


Chapman concludes, "The story of AG high education is one of visionary, entrepreneurial, Spirit-filled educators who have raised up in each new generation, Pentecostal leaders for the church, community and the world."


Other in-depth articles included in the magazine feature H.C. Ball, Florence J. Murcutt and Jovita Bonilla, Lillian Trasher, the World Assemblies of God Fellowship and several more.


"Although Heritage is an historical magazine," Rodgers says, "people are often surprised by just how relevant, timeless and inspirational the articles are."


Assemblies of God Heritage is mailed to all AG ministers. It is also accessible for free on the Flower Pentecostal Heritage website. For more information about the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center or to place an order for the annual "Heritage" magazine, click here or call 877-840-5200.


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