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Evangel adds new leadership program with James River Assembly as extension campus

Evangel University has added an Associate of Arts in Leadership degree to its roster of academic programs, with the signing of an agreement with James River Assembly of God on July 25, 2011. The new program will be taught at the James River Leadership Campus (JRLC) of Evangel University. 


The more than 120 students enrolled in the JRLC program will gain practical leadership experience through both classroom and practicum settings. The leadership degree consists of 61 credit hours, which is the equivalent of four full-time semesters. All classes will take place at James River Assembly.


The JRLC is beginning its fifth year, and was formerly affiliated with Central Bible College. The director of JRLC is Dr. Jon Spence, a 1988 graduate of Evangel.


“It is a tremendous privilege to be associated with Evangel University,” said Spence. “Our JRLC students will benefit greatly from the academic excellence and leadership development opportunities offered by Evangel and James River Assembly.”


The JRLC curriculum has been revamped to fit Evangel’s academic structure and includes classes such as:


  • Personal Leadership
  • Community Leadership
  • Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Psychology of Healthy Relationships
  • Public Speaking 
  • Personal Finance
  • Essential Christianity
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Old/New Testament Literature
  • General Science
  • Composition

“Students in JRLC have the opportunity to be involved with one of the leading Assemblies of God mega-churches in the country,” said Dr. Jeff Fulks, director of graduate and professional studies at Evangel. “The students will actively help plan and support JRA’s wide variety of ministries to the community.” 


Practicum opportunities range from communications, where they will be trained in state-of-the-art media tools for design, lighting, sound and video; to pastoral leadership, where they will gain experience working alongside JRA pastors in areas of biblical discipleship, counseling and benevolence.

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