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The Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education - 2010 Annual Report


Executive Vice President’s Report to The Alliance for AG Higher Education Board

June 27-28, 2011


It has been an honor and privilege to serve in this post for just over 3 years now. I am thankful for the consistent commitment to AG higher education from our executive officers and remain encouraged about the future of our schools.


I am thankful for the team of people that works alongside me in the Alliance office.  David Moore and Marilyn Abplanalp continue to provide excellent counsel on a daily basis, plus both of them have proven to serve as excellent consultants to our schools.  Their experience and educational insight is indeed a gift to our office and also to our schools. I am blessed to have them on the team (Kudos to David for his completion of the D.Min program at AGTS; David had completed doctoral work at the University of Arizona years ago but was unable to finish his dissertation. It’s now official – Dr. David Moore!)


Terry Langford continues to serve very diligently as one of our Administrative Coordinators, but we are currently going through transition with the rest of our team. After working with us for almost 3 years as one of our Administrative Coordinators, Christy Rowden has accepted a position at Evangel University as Director of Student Activities in the Student Development Offices.  We are also saying farewell to Dan Morrison, who has worked for the Alliance office for 4 years, the last year as our Editor/Web Developer/Media Specialist. Dan will begin doctoral work at McMaster Divinity College in Ontario, Canada in August.  Christy and Dan will be missed! 


Our Alliance team continues to stay focused on the “78 Initiatives” that have been placed before us and have worked diligently to provide support, resourcing, and encouragement for our 19 AG schools. Let me summarize some of what we have done in the past year:




Since our last board meeting, our Alliance team has been privileged to visit 16 of our campuses. These visits included endorsement visits, consulting opportunities, participation in Convocation or Commencement activities, or speaking in chapels or classes. We always enjoy the opportunities to meet students, faculty members, staff and administrators, and always leave invigorated and even more committed to AG higher education.


Student Recruitment/Enrollment


Some of the 78 initiatives that we continue to brainstorm concerning are those dealing with assisting our 19 schools with student recruitment and enrollment. Our activities included:

Building relationships with DYDs/pastors/youth pastors to build mailing lists of AG high school students.

Exhibiting at national and local events – Fine Arts Festival, General Council, Chi Alpha events (recruiting graduate students serving as XA leaders), plus local churches.

Providing Enrollment Summits (see below under Conferences) for our AG enrollment/admissions officers to train/inspire each other as they learn effective recruitment strategies.

Publication of the AG College Guide, which is mailed to each AG church/pastor. (This year’s Guide will include a letter of request for contact information of each high school student in the church.)

The “bottom line” is this: I still have a dream…that someday every high school student who attends an AG church will be made aware of the amazing educational opportunities afforded him or her at our schools…and that every pastor and/or youth leader will actively promote our schools in their churches and encourage their congregations to “invest” in our high school students by providing scholarships for them to attend our AG colleges!


As you will read in the comprehensive statistics provided at this Alliance Board meeting, our Fall 2010 headcount enrollment for all 19 schools totaled 16,474. This figure represents a 1.2% increase from the previous fall! The increase in FTE totaled 249 students over the previous year – for these increases, we are extremely thankful. Since 2000, our total headcount has risen by 1,568 students for a total increase of 11%.


In the last few days before writing this report, I have received enrollment data (traditional undergraduate only) from 12 of our schools, comparing figures for June 1, 2011 compared with the same date in 2010. Here are the results thus far:



2010 2011 Change

Applications received 7,074 7,387 +4.4%

Applications approved 3,941 4,152 +5.3%

Deposits   1,232 1,346 +9.2%  





Faculty Seminar 2010 was held June 23-25, 2010 on the campus of Evangel University with 165 participants. Categories of attendees included the following:


Athletics 14
Education 45
Information Services 24
Business 28
Presidents 16
Chief Academic Officers 17
Chief Financial Officers 10
Chief Student Development Officers 11

Attendees to the Faculty Seminar represented the following schools:

CBC 7 NCU 13 VFCC 14
CTC 1 NU 11 VU 7
EU 23 SAGU 21 WBC 2



The Faculty Conference for 2011 will begin Tuesday evening, June 28 and conclude on Thursday, June 30. Disciplines invited this year include Church Leadership, Church Ministries, Family Ministry, Missions, New Testament, Old Testament, Science, and Theology plus Presidents, Chief Academic Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Directors of Development. To date, 192 members of the invited faculty and administrators have confirmed their attendance.

The Faculty Conference for 2011 will begin Tuesday evening, June 28 and conclude on Thursday, June 30. Disciplines invited this year include Church Leadership, Church Ministries, Family Ministry, Missions, New Testament, Old Testament, Science, and Theology plus Presidents, Chief Academic Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Directors of Development. To date, 192 members of the invited faculty and administrators have confirmed their attendance.


Seminarians’ Seminar 2011 will begin in a few days (July 10-22) on the campus of AGTS, with housing provided by Evangel University. We anticipate just over 30 seminarians at the SS, which will include two 3-unit courses taught by AGTS and Evangel faculty; the Seminar also includes dialogue and fellowship with the AG Executive Officers at a weekend retreat in Branson (the Seminarians’ Seminar is held biennially.


Student Leadership Conference 2010 – we hosted 63 student leaders here in Springfield, November 4-7, 2010, for the 3rd annual SLC. Of the 63 student leaders, 53 students represented 18 of our AG schools, while 10 were Chi Alpha student leaders from 8 state campuses. The mixture of these two groups again proved to be exceptional, each group learning much from the other. 


The program included leadership training, relationship building, exposure to the national AG headquarters, discussions with AG executive officers, plus a good dose of fun! Feedback from the student leaders was very positive. The Alliance continues to connect with the students who attended the conference on a regular basis.


The Student Leadership Conference for 2011 is scheduled for November 10-13 at the Doubletree Hotel in Springfield.


Enrollment Summit 2011 – Our summit was held January 27-29 on the beautiful campus of Northwest University in Kirkland, WA, with 19 enrollment officers from 14 AG colleges represented (our reps from VFCC and ZBC were stymied by weather-related flight cancellations). The agenda included relationship building, recruitment strategizing, mutual encouragement, intercessory prayer, plus excellent sessions led by Steve Henderson, President of Christian Consulting for Colleges & Universities. Our enrollment officers continue to build great working relationships with each other. We believe they will sharpen each other and continued fruitfulness in student recruitment numbers will be seen.

Our next Enrollment Summit 2012 is planned for January 26-28 on the campus of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL.


2010 European Summer Missions Experience


Thirty-one students from eight of our schools (CBC, EU, GU, NCU, NU, SEU, SAGU and VFCC) participated in the 2010 European Summer Missions Experience. These students were selected from seventy-six applicants. Cost was $1,250 per student with subsidy coming from the General Council. Following orientation the students were sent in teams of four (three in one location) to the following ministry sites for eight weeks of service with AG missionaries:


Barcelona, Spain; Granada, Spain; Canary Islands; Padova, Italy; Athens, Greece; Skopje, Macedonia; Decan, Kosovo; and Bucharest, Romania


A post-trip survey of the students who participated in the 2010 SME  revealed the following results: 


All 20 of the respondents who had participated in previous short-term missions trips rated the 2010 SME either greatly superior or better with 19 rating it greatly superior.

All 24 respondents indicated they would unhesitatingly recommend a similar opportunity to others. 

All 24 respondents characterized their grasp of missiological principles as much better or better as a result of participating in the 2010 SME with 20 indicating much better.


Here are some comments from students:


“My respect for the AG has grown. Because I went on this trip I really see that the AG does care about its college students, their missionaries, and reaching the world.”

“The trip gave me the most realistic picture of missions I have ever had. I know what it would be like to really become an AG missionary, and want to become one.”

“This trip has given me a new worldview on how missions are done.”


All of the missionaries were complimentary of the students. Here is what one had to say.


“(Our team) leaves one week from today. We are not ready for their departure! We are going to miss their presence more than you can imagine! Their handprints will forever be on us as a family, as well as our church family (here). To say they have been a blessing seems inadequate. They are world changers!”


The ELT has recently granted approval for a similar 2012 China/Peninsular Asia mission experience. We envision sending three teams of five students each to three locations in China and three teams of four students each to places in Thailand, Viet Nam, and Cambodia. 


Scholarships and Grants


Our Alliance team worked again in conjunction with AGTrust this past year to administer the Riggs Scholarships, Making The Difference Scholarships and AG Next Generation Grants. 


The Riggs Scholarships are provided by funds raised by AGTrust, with the selection process administered by The Alliance office. Notifications were given this spring to 12 AG high school seniors of awards totaling $110,000. Two winners, one male and one female, were awarded the General Superintendent’s Scholarships of $30,000, each distributed over 4 years; the ten others were awarded $5,000, each distributed over their first two semesters. 


General Superintendent’s Scholarship winners are:

  • Virginia Sherrill – Germantown, TN
  • Jonathan May – Bigfork, MT

Riggs Scholarship winners are:


  • Nicole Branam – Warner, OK
  • Jordan Britton – New Oxford, PA
  • Brandon Cedarblom – Springfield, MO
  • Anna McWoods – Overland Park, KS
  • Rachel Nordquist – Irvine, CA
  • Ian Richardson – Afton, IL
  • Kaysha Standridge – Keizer, OR
  • Nicole Sullivan – Waconia, MN
  • Ashley Williams – Broken Bow, NE
  • Morgan Zevallos – Lancaster, TX



In the summer of 2010, a total of $97,000 was distributed to our schools for the Making The Difference Scholarships. The MTD scholarships are $1,000 awards to either new or returning students.


AG Next Generation Grants are designed to provide graduates of AG schools, who are currently involved in AG-credentialed pastoral or missionary work, assistance in school loan payments. During the last two years 45 graduates from AG schools were selected and are now receiving monthly awards from $100 to $300 for 3 years, as funds are available. The yearly expenditure for this assistance totals $105,000.



We are extremely grateful to George Wood and all the AGTrust team who have generously provided these funds. Since the inception of AGTrust, over $520,000 has been given in scholarships and grants to our students and graduates. May we all continue to “invest in the next generation.”


The Alliance office, in cooperation with the National Youth Department continues to invest in the next generation by awarding the J. Robert Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship (NYSP) each year. 


This year’s NYSP winners are:

Shelby Fulcher - $8,000 – Butler, AL

Scott Mautz - $4,000 – Detroit, MI

Rachel Martin - $2,000 – Apple Valley, CA


Additionally, the Alliance office, in cooperation with Intercultural Ministries, continues to administrate the Endowed Ethnic Minority Scholarship program each year and has awarded $13,150 this year.




AG College Guide


As mentioned earlier, this annual publication lists important promotional data for all 19 endorsed AG schools. The 2011/2012 issue will be enfolded into the brochure given to each participant of the National Fine Arts Festival in Phoenix, AZ. 


In addition, AG College Guides will be mailed to each AG church and pastor, together with a letter from our office requesting the contact information for all high school students attending the church.


Faculty Communiqué


This electronic information tool is sent twice-yearly (fall and spring) to all faculty and administrators. Features will include faculty spotlights, plus campus and faculty news items. (More participation from all schools is greatly appreciated!)



Finally…thank you again for allowing me to serve in this role. I am blessed and honored to work among the leaders and students of our AG schools; my life has been enriched by the fellowship and dialogue we have experienced this past year. I remain on a learning curve, and always strive to maintain a teachable spirit. In spite of the economic difficulties that often surround higher education, especially small private schools, I remain optimistic about the future. Our “product” continues to impact our fellowship in a very positive way; our graduates are “making their mark” on the Assemblies of God, but even more importantly, our world. Because of that fact, we continue faithfully in this venture.






Bob Cook

Executive Vice President

The Alliance for AG Higher Education


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