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Central Bible College's Basketball Team Plays in Harmony

While the success of every team is based upon harmony and unity, the Central Bible College men's basketball team has found a unique way to play in tune while touching lives.

The team, coached by CBC's athletic director and men's basketball coach, Kirk Hanson, regularly ministers in churches across the Midwest to share the love of God. They not only give their testimonies to congregations and audiences, but they share the message of Christ with the beautiful music of handbells. Looking for a different way to minister, the team began taking lessons and now plays a four-octave set of handbells.

This was quite an undertaking when, prior to this, some of the players could not read music and some had never even seen handbells. But staff member, Kathy Harrison, who directs the handbell program at her church, accepted the challenge. The team practices handbells three to four times each week in order to prepare for each ministry trip. Beautiful harmonies are now heard at each venue as the team wows people with their musical abilities while glorifying God as they use these talents for Him.

Two thumbs up goes to Coach Hanson and his team for stepping outside the box and stereotypes with such a creative form of ministry. It is believed that they are the only men's basketball that does this.


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