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The Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education and National Youth Ministries Announce Partnership

In order to increase students' awareness of the availability, quality and benefits of AG colleges and universities, The Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education and national youth ministries (nym) have announced a new partnership for the publication of "On Course," a print magazine (with online companion) for students in grades six through 12. Amber Weigand-Buckley, editor of "On Course," sees this partnership as an extension and continuation of the magazine's current mission. She states, "The core mission of 'On Course' magazine has always been to create a generation of discipled learners who are passionate for the Word and on fire to reach the world for Christ. The logical next step in this discipleship process is an AG college education, which helps these learners continue to grow and 'decompartmentalize' their faith through the total integration of their faith with their real life. This sets a student up to be successful in his or her relationship with Christ and to fulfill the purpose God has planned." This partnership is timely because research shows that seven in 10 Christian students who attend secular colleges lose their faith during their college years, while less than one in 10 who attend an AG college lose their faith. Currently, though, only 6.75 percent of AG high school graduates attend an AG college. Therefore, an increased emphasis on connecting students with AG higher education opportunities is vital to the future of the Assemblies of God. In order to solidify this new partnership, plans are in the works for the addition of a prominent AG college section to the "On Course" Web site and print magazine, which will couple alumni features with practical articles from faculty and staff members. These features will address key educational issues and better equip students as they prepare for college. In addition to addressing relevant teen issues, "On Course" will intentionally connect students with the 19 endorsed AG schools and all of their benefits. G. Robert Cook Jr., executive vice president of The Alliance, states, "The key link between nym and The Alliance office is the student. One of the purposes of the 'On Course' magazine is the spiritual development of the student, and the Alliance desires to simply complement that goal by making sure the student reader knows the opportunities afforded to him or her by our Assemblies of God colleges and universities. It's a natural…it's a no-brainer…our two offices should work together for the student!" Jay Mooney, national youth ministries director, agrees with Cook. "NYM is thrilled with the partnership for 'On Course' magazine between nym and The Alliance. Together we will better serve our youth, their families and God's purpose in their lives. Greater days for our people and churches are just ahead of us. 'On Course' magazine is once again improving its ministry and service to our fellowship." For more information about "On Course," visit

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